The impact of the lockdowns on humans and the environment

Masks in the garbage

The corona policy has devastating effects on people and their environment, which are already clearly emerging. For a year now, governments have been harassing us with measures to protect us from a virus. In doing so, it causes more damage to people and nature than the measures are beneficial.

The environmental pollution caused by the growing mountain of mask rubbish and the large amount of packaging waste due to the increasing number of goods delivered to our homes is evident. The ongoing pollution of the people themselves is also not being seen enough – what the various corona measures do to the bodies and souls of millions of people. The long-term consequences of this action cannot yet be fully foreseen, but it is already evident that they will assume catastrophic proportions.

Almost the entire world has been preoccupied with one virus for about a year. Many states have taken countless measures to contain a pandemic they have declared, including the requirement to wear a face mask, the inflationary use of disinfectants, contact restrictions and the shutdown of all public life. The effects of these measures on nature and human health are immense – but not in a positive sense.

Even a careful look at the environment gives us an idea of the disaster that is looming. Everywhere on the streets, by the wayside, next to the train tracks, even in fields, forests and corridors, there are countless “disposed of” masks, mostly surgical or FFP2 masks. This garbage has long since reached the ocean and is spreading even in remote, uninhabited areas.

A veritable flood of protective masks is emerging around the globe and poses a threat to nature.

Toxic masks and the countless use of sanitizers

This is how fish get caught in the masks, the legs of birds get tangled in the mounts without getting loose. Marine mammals and turtles also mistake the masks for their food, swallow them and then die in agony. Not to be forgotten are the many toxic components of the masks. The scientific director of the Hamburg Environmental Institute, Professor Michael Braungart, explained that these masks contain “every dirt in the world”.

This refers to substances such as formaldehyde, hydrocarbon compounds, aniline, adhesives, binders, UV stabilizers, microplastics and synthetic fragrances. Many of these substances are considered carcinogenic. In addition, there are glass fibers, which are contained in many of the masks. If these break and are inhaled, they can be extremely damaging to the airways.

The majority of people hold a chemical cocktail in front of their mouth and nose every day. What this permanent use means for the human organism cannot yet be measured at all.

It is no better with the disinfectants/sanitizers that have been used in absurd amounts for a year. They also contain a large number of problematic ingredients and should not come into constant contact with the skin, because they destroy its natural protective mechanisms by removing valuable skin oils, and thereby enable germs to penetrate the body even more. In some schools, the urge to disinfect goes so far that children get cracked hands and even bloody spots.

If disinfectants get into the wastewater, they in turn damage aquatic organisms, which can even impair the functionality of sewage treatment plants. The disinfectants also end up in the oceans and thus spread around the planet. It is no different with protective gloves, which, even if they are made of natural rubber, are often treated with toxic chemicals.

The measures against the corona pandemic are also increasing global consumption of plastic. Not only the protective masks, disinfectant containers and disposable gloves are driving the statistics up, but also a completely new fear of germs, which makes every product packed in plastic appear more attractive than its unpacked counterpart. Since restaurants are no longer allowed to serve guests on site due to the lockdown, the number of dishes delivered to the home is increasing, and thus the total number of plastic waste worldwide.

Nature as a loser

If the Amazon group made big profits during the crisis, all the additional packages bring with them a huge waste problem of waste paper and plastic. You also have to add the additional delivery traffic with all its exhaust gases, the wear and tear and the consumption of oil.

One could positively say that for many people work now takes place in the home office, so that commuting has decreased, but this increases the energy requirement for the Internet and increases the packaging waste due to ordered food. The negative effects compensate for the positive effects or often even outweigh them.

At the beginning of the crisis there were optimistic reports about the effects on the environment, combined with the hope that nature could finally recover, this trend is now likely to have reversed. Once again, man puts his own interests above the welfare of the world around him, which will fall on his feet in the near future. But the short-term sense of security and the prison of fear that we have been held in for a year make long-term thinking impossible.

If some large corporations profit from the crisis, the real loser is nature.

Are all the measures of any use?

One question is of very central importance: Assuming that there is actually a deadly pandemic – are all the measures of any use? The answer must be: no. Because since masks are mandatory since spring last year, disinfectants/sanitizers have been used inflationary since then and “stay at home” propaganda has persuaded people to stay at home for as long as there would have been a “second wave” or the “third wave” that is supposedly emerging at the moment? The international comparison also shows that lockdowns do not work as expected.

Therefore, a very sobering conclusion must be drawn: The anti-corona measures do not even do justice to the prevailing ideology that allegedly makes them necessary.

Nevertheless, the measures are being extended to infinity, we are forced to get used to a life with the mask, we should wear it for years. The effects of these measures are more harmful than beneficial. This not only applies to the environment, but also to the people who are subject to it.

Man loses too

The permanent lockdown with all its closed businesses and shops leads to an increase in unemployment. The many artists and cultural workers who have not been able to perform for months also suffer financially and emotionally from the inactivity. In this way, the measures promote poverty and misery worldwide. For example, poverty prostitution is increasing in Mallorca, here in Europe.

In Italy, too, government measures catapulted a million citizens into poverty. In Ecuador, the proportion of people living in poverty increased by 7.4 percent last year compared to the previous year. These are just a few examples of impoverishment from measures purportedly intended to protect people. As a result, the number of starving people is rising again worldwide thanks to the Corona measures. At least 821.6 million people suffer from malnutrition, even though a third of all food produced is thrown away unused.

In addition, there are postponed medical operations, early detection and therapies, which significantly increases the general risk of death. The mortality rate from cancer consequently increased by 20 percent last year. Instead of carrying out such important therapies and operations, the hospitals must be kept free for a disease that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is on a par with the flu in terms of mortality.

The vaccination – consider this

Now that the mass vaccination has begun, there is another factor to be added. The interventions in human organisms known as vaccinations have been developed and approved in a hurry without adequate scrutiny; in the traditional sense they cannot even be called “vaccinations” with a clear conscience. You are using a completely new process that has not yet been tested on humans and whose use on and in humans had not previously been approved.

Reports are piling up of short-term consequences such as corona diseases despite the vaccination, symptoms of exhaustion after the vaccination, continued loss of control over the body, and paralysis or the death of platelets. Consequently, the long-term consequences have not been researched at all. A time bomb may have been set here that will only go off in the near or distant future. There is no political or mass media interest in pointing out these worrying circumstances.

It’s easy to imagine what all of this means for people’s mental health. Hunger, poverty, a lack of social contacts, constant fear, repression, pressure and loneliness are rampant in this man-made crisis. As a result, the number of mental illnesses has been increasing apparently inexorably for months, especially among children. These psychological effects can also be fatal. For example, loneliness and all its consequences are a lot more deadly than smoking or being overweight.

The measures therefore drain the population physically and mentally and put their health and life at incalculable risk.

Framing of organized irresponsibility

It is true that the public debate always tries to blame all of these consequences on the virus itself; however, this is just “framing” of organized irresponsibility. The truth is that the consequences are the responsibility of those who adopted these ineffective measures and forced them on us. Politics and the media that support them cause immense damage to people and nature.

Despite these alarming facts, we are in a permanent lockdown that is being extended regularly. If it was initially only a short lockdown light in November 2020, it was recently decided to extend it again to April 2021. We find ourselves in an eternal state of emergency, the prospect of which we are repeatedly given the prospect of being lifted, briefly deceived, and then shifted back to the more distant future.

Under the ideologically tinged pretext of health protection, measures that are completely unrealistic and that damage our health more than Covid-19 can ever do are forced on us without any necessity.

The bill for these measures has yet to be served to us. It will come in the form of ecological devastation, an increase in various diseases such as cancer or chronic diseases, an increase in psychological problems, hunger and poverty.

So if in the future people suffer and die en masse from the phenomena mentioned, the cause is not to be looked for in some kind of virus, but in the misguided measures that are propagated by a few scientists and some media and implemented by the government. If you wanted to, you could draw a cynical conclusion from this: It seems as if some politicians want to make us sick – and earn a decent income in the process.

NOTE: This article was not published by but the German Rubikon online magazine on March 25, 2021 (the publication is under free license). The article was translated in the best means possible and published on to generate more reach.

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