The Philippines, Land of Arbitrariness

The Philippines, Land of Arbitrariness

What happened to the country that I once called paraiso? Well, I won’t be too long this time around, but as always I feel the urge to air my anger over this ungodly arbitrariness soaking the Philippines and many other countries worldwide with misery.

This time my focus is on our PNP heroes enforcing the corona-hysteria-measures, willingly clicking their heels to this health and hygiene regime (not saying that each individual is part of this swamp of corruption). Today that many people already seem to having accepted this nonsense as the new normal, it gives these people in uniform the power to exercise absolute arbitrariness – all in the name of health of course. HAIL THE CORONA REGIME!

Welcome to the Witch Hunt

While the corona-measures-enforcers are on the loose, making sure that everyone wears their nonsensical muzzles correctly, they are at the same time happy to cash in on certain hidden bars operating after the 10 pm curfew. Christ, this feels like America in the 1920s when there was the liquor ban.

To cut the story short, our enforcement heroes were informed of a party that was held at Kartel in Makati, which was allegedly recorded in a Facebook live video. I have no idea why they would stream the event, which is equally as dumb, but it is no surprise then that they got busted. Moreover, it looks like that someone didn’t pay up to avert this gathering being disbanded by the enforcers.

However, if you think that I am just gutted at the corona soldiers living out their lust for power by enforcing their acts of arbitrariness, some of the media doesn’t fare too well during this shit show either.

Oi, playing dirty now too?

What kind of a dirty media outlet is the It’s interesting to see that when the article (“34 Makati Bar Goers Including Foreigners Held After Facebook Live Drinking Session”) was published, it also featured the NAMES, AGES and NATIONALITIES of the evil “bar-goers” that attended the live-streamed alcohol orgy.

So what was the Inquirer’s intention here? To name and shame? Piss off and get in that shame corner yourself. An armada of lawsuits should be directed at the Inquirer for violating data privacy rights, and god knows what other aspects which I cannot be bothered to address now.

Today, the article appears all changed up!

It is interesting to see that when you check the article now that the naming and shaming is gone. Therefore, no more list of names. The article doesn’t even state anymore which bar is concerned (Doctor Wine / Kartel). What led them to change the article? It makes you wonder if they already received complaints.

Regardless of that, what was the oxygen-thieving journalist thinking when he/she/it came up with this mindless witch hunt article, naming people, besides emphasising that foreigners were there too. Yes, of course, we should never forget the evil alcohol-guzzling foreigners. Or would you like to call them super-spreaders instead?

To summarise, give us people who are capable of constructive thought a break! Gising na Pilipinas!

Kartel now closed indefinitely

News also made the round that Doctor Wine / Kartel has now been closed indefinitely by the authorities. Yes, just like the initial bust, this story made it onto the TV news too (as if we didn’t have any other worries). One of the comments in the Inquirer article points out:

Solid chance that this is simply one of many extortion attempts that went bad and no one paid up. Who knows what really happened or if it was actually a bad negligent experience. Do you really trust individual PNP fellers to make a decision what is social distancing and what is not? Didn’t think so!

Basically, this hits the nail on the head, so I don’t have to go into further detail here. What a joke…

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