T-shirts Versus the Covid Tyranny

T-shirts Versus the Covid Tyranny

Granted, a t-shirt has never toppled a corrupt government, at least not as far as we know. But wearing the homemade designs (see in this post) at least make us feel like we’re silently protesting. This COVID TYRANNY (more specifically, the tyranny of measures and lockdowns) must stop!

In countries like Australia and Italy (and others), people already literally have their backs to the wall. Compulsory vaccinations, otherwise you can no longer work or visit a hospital etc., are becoming the norm. We know what that is: APARTHEID! But the sheeple still think it’s about health.

One has to wonder when these bottomlessly clueless people will realise that they have literally become followers of a cult.

Would You Wear the Following T-shirts?

To the few readers this blog has, we ask: Would you wear any of the t-shirts below? If so, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we can go into production. We’ve already printed all of the designs, but we’re using them personally or handing some out locally. Maybe this thing will even get really big, just like that DAMN COVID LIE!

Vaccination Genocide

With all the reports from the science labs showing that these so-called vaccines (they are gene therapies, at least as far as the mRNA toxin jabs are concerned) are anything but boosting the immune system, it is already clear that this is a population control tool – or GENOCIDE! And let’s not forget that the Pharmafia is cashing in billion after billion while this crime is being carried out as a synchronized “World Tour”. Get the punt? This is really fun.

Vaccination Genocide Shirt

The GOV Is the Enemy

It’s clear that the governments that have decided to take on the role of the freedom-crushing, poison-jab-administering Corona regime don’t give a flying fuck about people’s health. This is not and never has been about health! This is about control and power! Who needs such a corrupt government? We’ll tell you who. The sheeple who either can’t or won’t think for themselves and eat whatever crap comes out of the mouths of officials.

The GOV Is the Enemy Shirt

You Can’t Comply Your Way Out of Tyranny

Let’s stay with the sheep, shall we? Those people who don’t want to accept the statistics and facts anymore because it would burst their little bubble they live in. So they swallow more shit until the whole show is over. The only problem with this is: The obedience of the sheep will not end this tyranny, rather the opposite. Yet the sheep are told that these are evil conspiracies. So when the covert media and the elites say that none of this is true, they must be telling the truth, right? HAIL COVID, this shit has already turned into a god-like religion – more specifically, a cult!

Tyranny Shirt

Plandemic Lies

Let’s turn up the heat a little. The fact that even the test swabs (which started this whole shit show) are completely useless and demonstrably not even capable of diagnosing infection, it is already a fact that various governments and health authorities have admitted to not even having isolated the so-called Covid virus (which, IF it exists, is nothing more than a fucking cold/flu). No isolated virus means it practically doesn’t exist, and yet millions of people are being vaccinated with an experimental substance (not to mention the endless booster shots that will follow until they finally rot in their graves).

As mentioned earlier, this was never about health, there is no pandemic and there never was a pandemic! This is a pLandemic! No shit, it’s official that the elites and the transhumanism-loving super-billionaires have met several times to discuss these very plans (yes, prior to 2020, this shit goes back a long way). Guess how the sheeple out there would react to that: Conspiracy MEEEEHHHHHH….

Plandemic Lies Shirt

Final Words (A Good Find on the Net)

Now one after the other, maybe it will become clearer… Here is the narrative of many Corona governments (regimes) in response to questions from skeptics:

Question: What if someone gets sick after the first vaccine dose?

Answer: That person got only one vaccination dose.

Question: What if one gets sick after both vaccinations?

Answer: Two weeks have not yet passed.

Question: If two weeks have passed, but the vaccinated person still gets sick?

Answer: The vaccination protects against a severe course of the disease.

Question: What if the course of the disease is severe?

Answer: Vaccination protects against death.

Question: What if you die?

Answer: It never protects 100%.

Question: If I get vaccinated, can I stop wearing the mask?

Answer: No.

Question: If I don’t get vaccinated, will I be immune to Covid?

Answer: Maybe. We do not know for sure, but it is probable.

Question: If I get vaccinated, will I at least not be contagious to others?

Answer: No. Vaccination does not stop the transmission of infection.

Question: If I get vaccinated, how long will the protection last?

Answer: Nobody knows. All Covid vaccines are still in the experimental testing phase.

Question: If I get vaccinated, will the social distancing be over?

Answer: No.

Question: If my parents, my grandparents and I get vaccinated, can we hug again?

Answer: No.

Question: But what is the purpose of the vaccination?

Answer: We hope the virus will not kill you.

Question: Are you sure that I will not suffer permanent damage or die from this vaccination?

Answer: No.

Question: If statistically the virus does not kill me (survival rate: 99.7%), why should I get vaccinated?

Answer: To protect others.

Question: So does this mean that if I get vaccinated, I can protect people I come in contact with with 100% certainty?

Answer: No.

Question: If I suffer serious, undesirable side effects or late effects after the vaccination (which are still unknown) or I happen to die because of the vaccination, will I and my survivors get compensation from the manufacturer or the government?

Answer: No, neither the manufacturer nor the government can take responsibility for an experimental vaccine.

Resume Covid 19 Vaccination:

  • It does not provide immunity
  • It does not protect against the virus
  • It does not prevent death
  • It is not a guarantee that it will not cause the disease
  • It does not stop transmission
  • It does not ease travel restrictions
  • It does not prevent lockdowns
  • It does not end face diaper (mask) wearing
  • It is only an experiment!!

Is everything clear now? No? Just a conspiracy theory? The state and the Pharmafia only want to protect us? All right sheep, go back to sleep and rot in your swamp of naivety…

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