GISING NA PILIPINAS (wake up and see the facts)!

Philippines - GISING NA (wake up and see the facts)!

Disbelief struck me once again when I saw the DOH’s official stats! For the countless mislead and misinformed people out there, of which more and more are wearing these disgraceful face shields, and who still believe that corona (or Covid 19 for that matter) is a threat to humanity, WAKE UP!! It is no secret that there are many sources available that take a close look at educated views, research and stats by numerous professionals like doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, jurists and so forth. Therefore, I cannot believe how utterly blind, dumb, or cynical the DOH must be. Maybe they’re even blind, dumb and cynical, all at the same time. Alternatively, they have been sucking off that lobby-financed WHO cock for far too long.

Do me a favour and check out the following screengrab on the official DOH website regarding the up to date stats such as “active cases”. Effectively this means nothing more than goddamn test results reacting to all sorts of traces. Therefore, a positive test result does not immediately represent a person that is infected or even sick. Please get that in your head once and for all.

DOH Covid 19 Insanity
  • As of August 11, there are 68,794 “active cases” and a total of (apparently) 139,538 cases.

Of course, listing the predominant number of actual recoveries next to the inferior number of (suspected) Covid 19 deaths would be less effective since the intention is to spread fear.

  • Admittedly, I find it a little hard to believe that only 7.2% of the people feel nothing (are asymptomatic). What I mean is this percentage surely is higher.
  • Even if 91.6% of the positive-tested are struggling with a runny nose (pun), they do fall in the category of “mild symptoms”. Therefore, close to 99% of the “carriers” are doing just fine. Now, that’s what I call a lethal zombie virus. GO Covid, GO!
  • The remainder of cases which accounts for 1.2 per cent are both severe and critical. That is still under 1,000 patients. Am I lacking in solidarity? Well, frankly this has nothing to do with it, but if one would insist, we should start thinking about living in a constant state of lockdown.
  • For the ones who do not realise: Even in today’s age, people also die of causes other than corona. To mention just one example, thousands are decimated each month by hospital germs alone.
  • Last but not least, the population of the Philippines is close to 110 million. Why not put the numbers into relation and do the maths? That would be a step in the right direction…

Anyone wanting to slap arguments across my face now such as “the doctors and nurses saved us” or “we are okay only because of the never-ending lockdown”… please give me a break and start thinking of the countless people that have already committed suicide, have avoided going to the hospital out of fear or have had their crucial operation cancelled, just to safe all resources for our superstar virus.

There may not be too many official statistics yet, but rest assured that the number of lockdown-fatalities, both from a health and economic point of view, will be FAR GREATER than the number of Covid deaths (though that number is already screwed up too)! The total number of worldwide Covid deaths is, in fact, a joke when compared to the flood of misery that will sink thousands upon thousands of people (if not more) in the coming years.

JACKPOT! 98.8% of people experience mild to no symptoms

Go ahead and check all of the 150 Department of Health bulletins that were released on their website. The last 30 bulletins alone, which represents one month, communicate the “infection” as being mild with around 1% of people being in a severe state. If all the so-called conspiracy theorists cannot give food for thought then maybe a look at official government sources will fix this…

In all of this let’s not forget that for this proclaimed pandemic the government has literally butt fucked millions of peoples’ existence since this circus started in mid-March. On a happier note, it’s almost that time of the year again to start buying your Christmas decoration. Granted, if you can still afford it…

GISING NA, and put the stats into relation!

Why is NO ONE – above all the almighty dipsticks in power – putting the stats and facts into proper relation?! Granted, this blatant ignorance is not limited to the Philippines. What does take the piss now, though, is the local doctors or medical system asking for another “time-out” or, potentially, an ongoing lockdown. Have these people even taken note of the outcomes in other countries? Are they checking and comparing any other studies/research, or practice any constructive informational exchange with professionals in other countries? Or are they simply leaving everyone to suck on the ventilator machine(?); a treatment (in addition to a delicious cocktail of hardcore drugs) that was practised early on which caused more harm than it did good – Italy, Spain, anyone?

More Covid, MORE MOOLAH…

It is only too interesting to have found out that hospitals (not only in the Philippines) receive an impressive sum of cash per Covid death (up to 750K PHP in the Philippines).

I have to apologise once again, but yes, this stinks to high heaven because I do assume that many hospitals effectively intent on maximising their capacities as a result. Then still, I do not believe that everyone is aware of this, so I can fully understand that the general hospital staff is indeed overworked, when they should not be.

And for Christ sake, stop declaring each and every casualty as a corona death, it’s just obscene and ultimately corrupt! The stats regarding the number of cases and deaths are already screwed beyond belief.

It doesn’t stop here, though. There are already countries that will now declare a case as a corona death, if, for example, that person has been tested positive and dies in any random accident a month later. Yes, this is true. If you jump out of a plane without a parachute and you will be tested positive for corona upon your arrival, you will go down in history as a corona death. This is just one of many countless examples of arbitrary regulations that have been put in place in the name of health (and to fuck – pardon – manipulate the stats).

Welcome to Heaven - The Covid 19 SCAM

Increased testing generates more false positives and MORE MOOLAH…

It is a fact, at least for those who conscientiously practice their medical work, that most Covid 19 tests are utter shambles. Today, there are hundreds of test kit variants in circulation (by different manufacturers). Simply put, many of these kits are less reliable than others which in reverse is also a question of the price.

Now the Philippines have run out of funds to help those directly affected by this unnecessary nightmare. Maybe having tested a tad less would have been helpful…

Only the CORONA GODS know what tests are and have been in circulation to this day. One way or another, the results are so imprecise and prone to false positives that they would never stand up to an honest representation of the actual situation. Moreover, it’s no secret that these test kits are yet another cash cow for the manufacturers with governments spending millions of the taxpayers’ hard-earned moolah to pay for this shit. Furthermore, it is an effective way to fabricate a fake “second wave” that certain governments across the globe want to get up and running ASAP.

Once again, a positive test result is not immediately representing an infected or sick person. Nevertheless, all the peeps going about their lives voluntarily wearing face shields don’t seem to want to accept this simple fact. Congratulations, the constant drumfire of propaganda has really made its mark… WAKE UP!!

By the way, what happened to the influenza this year?

I want to dedicate a short paragraph to our poor, neglected influenza virus because so far it appears as if it has been forgotten about altogether. Naughty corona has really stolen the show… For the people thinking a little further than just believing what they are told by our kings and queens or the state-driven mainstream media: Could this all actually have been a heavy influenza season instead of an evil coronavirus assault? Still, if corona is to take all the blame, then influenza must have taken some time off. Or have we just managed to wing all health hazards in existence due to the ever so effective lockdown which now spans more than five months?

God hail the hygiene-dictatorship!

GISING NA – the opposition is growing stronger!

Currently, millions of people face direct oppression by sheer arbitrariness and hypocrisy. As I state in my first write-up about this ungodly crime against society, I see the lockdown(s), this shit show in the form of corona, as well as the lobby-driven agenda unfolding behind the scenes as a direct assault on society. However, the opposition is growing stronger, and more people are finally waking up while this web of lies is unfolding before them.

The takedown of these lobbyist and political agendas worldwide is, of course, equal to climbing Mount Everest. Regardless, change is still possible, and this movement may very well kick off in Germany.

The same country was praised for how it dealt with this (instrumentalised) hoax of a “pandemic”. However, in no way do I give praise here. Germany has (for quite some time) turned into a facade democracy. Nowadays, more than ever, people with views and opinions that deviate from the government and mainstream narrative are silenced brazenly. There is no longer any constructive discourse.

Same shit, different place

Just like in the Philippines, various countries, including Germany, continue to oppress its people with arbitrary measures. Of course, all in the name of health and hygiene. Obviously, when compared to the Philippines, these measures have different levels of arbitrariness. Nevertheless, I classify them as downright obnoxious (spanning from the mandatory wearing of masks in schools to – potentially – forced vaccinations).

In all of this there is another major culprit, the mainstream media which simply tags along, and in most instances never questions anything that the government officials shit out. Sounds all too familiar, right? Anyway, with more and more people waking up, they have enough of this shit show – a shit show whose devastating effects we are yet to see, probably for years to come. Long story short, this is basically the death of the financial and economic system as we know it, a truckload of digital surveillance, and maybe a vaccination here and there to keep it fancy for the pharma billionaires.

So why Germany? At this moment, the opposition that formed there appears to be the most significant movement. We are not talking about an established political opposition but independent professionals, journalists, and passionate people alike. As soon as the German government has stepped down or been disbanded in response to the crimes against its constitution, this trend shall sweep throughout the rest of Europe and, hopefully, beyond to put an end to this lobbyist-driven holocaust.

Berlin Corona Lockdown Demonstration

Anti Corona Measures Protests in Berlin, 1st of August 2020

Having been the largest demonstration on German soil in decades (or ever), the talk was of up to one million attendees, if not more. The mainstream media, however, reported between 17 to 20 thousand people. Well, neither were they called people but, for example, “cynics”, “right-wing” or simply “Covidiots”, the latter term casually having been used by a politician on Twitter (some people really are digging their own political grave here).

See what you think. The following video is from the protests in Berlin (with English subtitles). In any case, this is to give courage that not everything is doomed yet.


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