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Know what you are about to read with the Sanitymeter

Know what you are about to read
As you would probably recall, the Sanitymeter is not your average thermometer (if we can get it manufactured, we’ll make that our full time profession). Provided that you are not looking for articles on Yellow Fever transmitted by some beastly mosquito, you are in the right place. If you mean to measure your level of Yellow Fever fetish infection, the Sanitymeter gives you a heads up on what nature of material you are about to read and view. Admittedly, sounds a bit triple X’ish…

As is less about engaging with blue motions, the Sanitymeter is a means to spark diverse opinions and to warn the potential few faint hearted individuals not to stumble across some mind numbing literature. We currently differentiate between three strengths of content within three categories. The more red the thermometer, the more infected the material potentially is… you get the drift?

Know what you are about to read

1) From Fact to Nonsense

We differentiate between content that is deemed Fact, hence they relate to a track record of research and experiences to justify their legitimacy and as its counter part – Nonsense. Nonsense material could be true or false, but is likely to just base itself on personal opinions and feelings. Where we feel you cannot chuck an entry either way, we escape by giving it the 50:50 rating. Then again, we all like a bit of nonsense…

Know what you are about to read

2) From Sane to Insane

To some our Sane material may come across just as Insane hence it’s not typically based on facts nor nonsense as such. In a nutshell, what you will find here is almost completely based on personal experiences and hell yeah, some of it will indeed be highly stereotypical. Of course, content can still be of a reasonable nature or complete bonkers, so we keep it separate and brand mark it either sane or insane. If the content is deemed somewhere between heaven and hell, 50:50 does it for us.

Know what you are about to read

3) From Curing to Sickening

This category is based on humorous extras. If you are fortunate or unfortunate enough to be infected with Yellow Fever, then entries of this category are for you. Certain content will depict the Cure to the fetish while other material will delve in it throwing more oil on the fire and fueling the Sickness (nah, we’re not a cult). This is simply a piss take dedicated to Asian Yellow Fever and subsequently to And if you haven’t figured it out yet, an entry that can’t be placed as either low or high goes 50:50.

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