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A new well-needed focus to make people WAKE UP!!

Initially, this blog or website – you name it – was about a completely different subject altogether. The fact that 1) No one is bothered to write about Asian Yellow Fever anymore - because - there is number 2) This Corona SHIT SHOW and its protagonists which must be stopped, led us to change the focus of yellowfeverhots.com (at least for the time being).

If we cannot stop this crime on society that is (but not limited to) these ludicrous hygiene measures enforced against us worldwide (with an even more idiotic vaccination lurking at the horizon), then there won't be any more need for Yellow Fever banter in the first place. This is because you simply won't be able to travel anywhere anymore if you haven't been raped into becoming a vaccinated, hygiene-abiding citizen. Practically, this is a civil war, and the majority of people are blinded by a drum-fire of propagandist panic.

The governments and lobbyist groups that are willingly pushing through with this social and economic holocaust must be stopped! We can only hope that this will happen peacefully. Though the people who willingly wear their masks and face shields make us sick to the core, they are still people of our society. Therefore, discriminating them or related is not the way to go.

Arm yourself with founded knowledge (the STATS AND FACTS are out there) in order to try to open them Lemmings' eyes at least a little - try to make them think and maybe, just maybe, they will wake up too...

And if there is no other way, then yes, this may end in a big blow. We are ready – we are in the opposition, and if need be, the resistance.

The following documentary is a must-watch!

Since platforms like YouTube censor (or rather delete) the living crap out of any content that is not streamlined with the government propaganda and overall idiotic narrative, people may find it hard to get appropriate information. Well, do yourself a favour and check out the following documentary which comes with English subtitles. On another note, to get news and further insights into this plandemic, a site we recommend is summit.news. Another video-driven site that is worth checking out is banned.video.

Alright, let's give YouTube the middle finger whenever possible...

Basically, we had a BBC video up here which was uploaded on the official BBC YouTube channel. It was about some undercover journalist revealing the shoddy practices at the UK's largest covid testing lab. No surprise, it was only a matter of time before the video got taken down by the masters of censorship themselves: YouTube (basically just another NGO-driven platform that doesn't want you to know the truth). Conspiracy theories!! Again?? Alright, carry on counting sheep and go back to sleep.

In any case, if you are already on the messenger apps Telegram and/or Signal (yeah, WhatsUp doesn't cut it either, not sure about LINE, but it's very doubtful that they are any better), subscribe to the channels "Project Veritas" (@project_veritas, over 642K subs) and "Stew Peters" (@stewpeters, more than 275K subs) which reveal more and more shocking material by the day (which you are not supposed to see). There are many more worthwhile channels, of course. For video platforms that still respect freedom of speech, give odysee.com a shot, which hosts the videos by Project Veritas too, such as the one below.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Co. - No Champions of Free Speech!!

So why are so many videos and channels deleted then? Because it doesn't follow the narrative "they" want us to swallow and choke on. Conspiracy theories... Again... Really? Well, in fact, we need new conspiracy theories, because all the so-called theories from before are currently turning into bitter reality.

Therefore, why not paste the new-normal-world-order-anthem here too? The track Prison Planet by Molotov Solution literally hits the nail on the head (well, lyrically too) - and this was released in 2008! Someone must have had an idea...

Yes, We Removed the Dirty YouTube Embed

"Iris scanning. Microchipping. Wiretapping. Cataloging information on innocent citizens lives."

"In this panopticon society of slavery. A culture of sheep with no concept of privacy."

"Those who question the system are demonized because why would you mind if you have nothing to hide?"

And on it goes!! On a last note: NO SHIT people! This video keeps disappearing over and over as well... This is the third time the embed-link has been pasted here.

UPDATE: After the track disappeared again, we went searching for the album on IdiotTube for the fourth time. It turns out that it is now completely impossible to find (with the exception of some live versions, where the algorithm was probably not able to pick it up). So yeah, the lyrics are clearly too politically incorrect - or in other words, the lyrics tell THE TRUTH! We placed a Rumble embed here instead, just because of the lyrics, it's not a real music video.

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T-shirts Versus the Covid Tyranny

T-shirts Versus the Covid Tyranny

Granted, a t-shirt has never toppled a corrupt government, at least not as far as we know. But wearing the homemade designs (see in this post) at least make us feel like we’re silently protesting. This COVID TYRANNY (more specifically, the tyranny of measures and lockdowns) must stop! Continue reading

It’s not about health. Rather the Great Reset is revealing its ugly grimace

Covid Death Syringe

The Portuguese capital Lisbon has been in a state of emergency since Friday. Nobody is allowed to enter the city without good reason. The residents are only allowed to leave the city it with special permission. The official goal of this measure is to prevent the spread of the Delta variant of the Sars-Cov-2 virus. Continue reading

WHO withdraws its recommendation for the PCR test

PCR test

The WHO itself confirms that the COVID-19 PCR tests lead to erroneous results – the lockdown has no scientific basis.

Imagine a pregnancy test at a clinic. After the test is positive, the doctor will ask to repeat the test after a few weeks. What would one think of that? Wouldn’t it be assumed that the doctor does not trust the test he has carried out himself, so that the person may not be pregnant at all? It sounds absurd, but something similar has happened in the case of the COVID-19 PCR testing. Continue reading

The impact of the lockdowns on humans and the environment

Masks in the garbage

The corona policy has devastating effects on people and their environment, which are already clearly emerging. For a year now, governments have been harassing us with measures to protect us from a virus. In doing so, it causes more damage to people and nature than the measures are beneficial. Continue reading

Merry New Normal Christmas

Merry New Normal Christmas

How will you celebrate this beautifully innovative New Normal Christmas? Hopefully not like most peeps in the West, for instance, where governments now instruct us on how many people we are permitted to share these merry days with. Of course, and as always, all in the name of absolute health and sterility – HAIL THE CORONA REGIME! Continue reading

Pandemimimi: The New Normal is here

Pandemimimi: The New Normal

For those who still believe in the (let’s call it) Plandemic, or my favourite term, the Pandemimimi: May the following videos wake you up from your deep sleep. Once again, protests against the inhumane corona measures are the topic of the hour (although obviously not in the lying mainstream media).

While more and more people are finally waking up from the induced lies, one protest campaign really stood out. We are looking to Dresden, Germany, and Bern, Switzerland, where the New Normal has finally arrived, pun intended. HAIL THE CORONA REGIME! Continue reading

The Philippines, Land of Arbitrariness

The Philippines, Land of Arbitrariness

What happened to the country that I once called paraiso? Well, I won’t be too long this time around, but as always I feel the urge to air my anger over this ungodly arbitrariness soaking the Philippines and many other countries worldwide with misery.

This time my focus is on our PNP heroes enforcing the corona-hysteria-measures, willingly clicking their heels to this health and hygiene regime (not saying that each individual is part of this swamp of corruption). Today that many people already seem to having accepted this nonsense as the new normal, it gives these people in uniform the power to exercise absolute arbitrariness – all in the name of health of course. HAIL THE CORONA REGIME! Continue reading

Berlin is doing it again! Anti Corona Measures Protests – 29th of August 2020

Berlin is doing it again! Anti Corona Measures Protests

My respect goes out to the hundred-thousands of people getting together (once again) in Berlin to protest against the corrupt and inhuman corona measures. The ruin of millions of people worldwide due to the lockdown-derived existential, as well as physical and psychological effects, occurred in the name of health and hygiene – when in fact something very different and rather perverse is going on behind the scenes. Continue reading

GISING NA PILIPINAS (wake up and see the facts)!

Philippines - GISING NA (wake up and see the facts)!

Disbelief struck me once again when I saw the DOH’s official stats! For the countless mislead and misinformed people out there, of which more and more are wearing these disgraceful face shields, and who still believe that corona (or Covid 19 for that matter) is a threat to humanity, WAKE UP!! It is no secret that there are many sources available that take a close look at educated views, research and stats by numerous professionals like doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, jurists and so forth. Therefore, I cannot believe how utterly blind, dumb, or cynical the DOH must be. Maybe they’re even blind, dumb and cynical, all at the same time. Alternatively, they have been sucking off that lobby-financed WHO cock for far too long. Continue reading

The paranoid Covid propaganda in the Philippines

Covid Propaganda

I see it as a duty to inform the few visitors of this site about the mentally toxic dose of paranoid propaganda we are currently subjected to in the Philippines. It’s utterly disgusting that considering the tons of factual information out there, proving that this pandemic is over (and was never as lethal as “they” want us to believe), corona is being instrumentalised by various governments and entities across the globe.

If we don’t unite against this arbitrariness, then the so praised ‘new normal’ bullshit may very well become our nightmare of reality (though we are already very much on track to this new reality of control-state in the name of health). Continue reading

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