Pandemimimi: The New Normal is here

Pandemimimi: The New Normal

For those who still believe in the (let’s call it) Plandemic, or my favourite term, the Pandemimimi: May the following videos wake you up from your deep sleep. Once again, protests against the inhumane corona measures are the topic of the hour (although obviously not in the lying mainstream media).

While more and more people are finally waking up from the induced lies, one protest campaign really stood out. We are looking to Dresden, Germany, and Bern, Switzerland, where the New Normal has finally arrived, pun intended. HAIL THE CORONA REGIME!

Please pay attention to our new Holy Book of Corona

Of course, the following literature is the translation from the videos further below. Quite impactful indeed and to the point!

  • Condemn mask deniers – this is solidarity.
  • Avoid contamination – absolute sterility.
  • Avoid physical contact – only loneliness is safe.
  • Disinfection gates in public facilities.
  • To let die alone is charity.
  • Freedom takes place in isolation.
  • Thinking for yourself endangers the common good.
  • Vaccination is charity.
  • Avoid closeness forever.
  • Sacrifice everything for hygiene.
  • Separate yourself from those who pose a risk.
  • Protect the unborn by renouncing procreation!

The Corona Bible continues further below.

We should have guerilla mask forces in every city!

How crazy would it be, if this goes viral and more people started getting active in a similar fashion (no more bullshit social media challenges). Admittedly, in some corruption-riddled countries across the globe, you’d probably risk penalties or even imprisonment. Yet, we have no more excuse not to – at least – start questioning what has been imposed on us! It’s not about corona, and it has never been about corona.

These lockdowns and corona measures in general, are an assault on society! Over and out!

Continued from above:

  • Betray your neighbours.
  • Put the rule-breakers against the wall.
  • Put those that pose a risk in solitary confinement.
  • Mask duty for a lifetime.
  • Disenfranchise those who oppose vaccinations.
  • Mask duty for newborn – our breath kills.
  • Only when in isolation, are you safe.
  • Always be obedient.
  • Submit yourselves to the NEW NORMAL.


In all honesty, let’s see how long these videos will stay up on YouTube until they too fall prey to censorship because these days the truth is not desired anymore. What is desired, though, is the lethal injection respectively vaccination for everyone.

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