The paranoid Covid propaganda in the Philippines

Covid Propaganda

I see it as a duty to inform the few visitors of this site about the mentally toxic dose of paranoid propaganda we are currently subjected to in the Philippines. It’s utterly disgusting that considering the tons of factual information out there, proving that this pandemic is over (and was never as lethal as “they” want us to believe), corona is being instrumentalised by various governments and entities across the globe.

If we don’t unite against this arbitrariness, then the so praised ‘new normal’ bullshit may very well become our nightmare of reality (though we are already very much on track to this new reality of control-state in the name of health).

Who the fuck commissions these propagandist messages?

Before I start ripping into the next few images that were taken in the streets of Manila, grab a chair and see for yourself first:

Covid propaganda billboards entering Rockwell area

“There’s online. We don’t have to crowd again to love, care, and connect.”

I repeat: Who commissions messages like this to be put up in public? I would usually also throw in the question: Are these people out of their damn mind?

Since the purpose of such messages is to achieve control over people through fear, the makers are likely very aware of what they are spitting out here. Consequently, the real threat to society is instigated by these lowlifes coming up with this bullshit. Remove them from their duties and powers? Sure, that would be drastic, but do you really believe that the authorities wouldn’t dare intimidating and locking up people for simply having a different opinion, or standing up for their rights?

“We don’t have to crowd again…” Are the disgraceful makers behind this message seriously suggesting that in future, all social contacts should be avoided in the name of health? And no, socialising through apps or related is not the way forward, you cowards!

“Doesn’t it feel like second skin by now? Keep wearing masks for your protection.”

Nope, I guarantee you that it does not feel like second skin. Instead, the wearing of face masks is medically proven not to have much of a protective effect whatsoever (in addition to metaphorically shutting us up) – some interesting facts here. Moreover, if not changed or washed regularly, masks are a super breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

On a bad day, when your immune system is a little low, potentially due to all the hypocrisy we’re facing each day, maybe your mask will eventually give you that little sweet cold you were waiting for.

Getting tested is the new fashion

In the meantime, you can get yourself tested for Covid and depending on the test, expect to pay quite a bit of cash for it. These days many people even find themselves forced to getting checked to be able to continue with their daily work (well, here we have another successful cash flow). Besides, there’s a chance that you may even be rewarded with a false positive. Lastly, you may find yourself in a lot of trouble for being healthy too. My apologies, wrong word: asymptomatic.

A false positive? You heard right because many of these tests which are supplied by different manufacturers are so sensitive that they give positive results for various other viral traces too, and not just the specific coronavirus strain which the rave is all about. It may even react with coronaviruses which are common in animals (another effective way to keep the paranoia nice and fresh). Once again, there are official sources out there that prove this. In retrospective, the majority of people appear to be looking the other way though.

Many people prefer to follow the narratives that are imposed on them. By doing so, they don’t have to question anything and find comfort in submission. This group of obedient followers which usually forms the majority dismisses everything that could harm the safe bubble they reside in.

In any case, I won’t dive into this again because the people who believe that the end is near should have clicked away by now. However, IF you happen to be one of the Lemmings which beliefs everything the authorities tell you (and/or many of the propagandist mainstream media): Go ahead and keep wearing your double- and triple-layered masks, pretty plastic gloves and face shields. Now also available in a somewhat Robocop-ish design which effectively conceals every last facial expressionism.

Well, I guess, if your body doesn’t get sick, your mind surely will…

“Our doors may be open but our guard must be kept up. Move with caution to save lives.”

In all honesty, this message just makes me speechless.

Parallels to literature by George Orwell and Zbigniew Brzeziński

We are facing a transformation to a technocratic health regime, which many would partially draw comparisons to George Orwell’s classic novel “1984”. Another statement describing what we may be facing here is by Zbigniew Brzeziński from his book “Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era” which was released in 1970. On a side-note, Brzeziński served as a counsellor in the American administration as well as was a national security advisor under President Jimmy Carter.

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

Panicked Chinese

One could argue that this is what is already going on in China, for instance. Well, by just looking at the behaviour of a lot of Chinese here in Manila you cannot help but feel confirmed.

An example I witnessed while having a coffee (without wearing my muzzle) was some Chinese bird I spotted rushing towards the nearby 7 Eleven. Rather than wearing a face mask, she was covering her mouth with some tissue. By the time she left 7 Eleven, returning to her condominium, she was back in her apparent self-proclaimed safe space, wearing a fresh new mask and moving a lot more at ease…

Seriously? That person must believe that the next killer bug is just waiting around the corner to attach itself to her. Luckily this coronavirus is scientifically said to only survive up to three hours in the outside world. Moreover, it is said to be a virus that cannot be transmitted via smears. But I’ll stop here because this write-up is not supposed to be about such details.

Pharmaceutical propaganda billboard

“Sometimes, we can’t trust our immune system.”

Does anyone in the department for advertising standards have any decency left? In theory, no more words are required. Apart from the detail of the woman in the poster wearing some hardcore gas mask while being handed the only bright object in the ad, the bunch of flowers: Is it just me, or does the rest of the ad give off some kind of apocalyptic vibe (or as if some nearby nuclear power plant went into meltdown)?

Heeeeey, you have nothing to worry about as long as you take your medicines. After all, sometimes you can’t trust your immune system just as much as you cannot trust your government, for instance.

Of course, the ad’s marketers ensured to give the poster a pandemic-ish vibe. Nothing new here, but let me say this much. If this coronavirus or Covid 19 was that dangerous, do you really believe that the people behind some flu medicine would give the green light for an ad like this? In my opinion, that would equal a trivialization of the current health situation. That is, if this pandemic would be anything to be worried about.

Huge billboards – this is not were it stops

Even some commerce websites have started to embrace the ‘health over everything’ dogmata. I was almost in disbelieve when I spotted some furniture store website showing a banner with some salesman-mascot equipped with a face shield (see below).

Covid protective gear propaganda

What were they thinking? Some may argue that the cute mascot with its face shield conveys a sense of safety and that all the employees are (or may be) wearing face shields too. Well, I was there. They are not wearing them propagandist abominations. At least not all of them, thank god… However, portraying messages like this in adverts does, in fact, not convey a sense of safety, but rather danger.

The Tschernobyl Revival

I feel sorry for the cleaners in the shopping centres having to go about their day in full-body gear as if the nearest nuclear power plant (once again) went into meltdown. Furthermore, other shoppers may additionally feel a sense of imminent danger as if the deadly coronavirus were all around us. Simply put, it’s all over the top.

Covid protective gear propaganda in shopping centers

It is evident that more and more people out there are starting to see through the deep state bullshit we are faced with. However, the unfortunate people not waking up simply watch on as convenience stores, restaurants, taxis etc. are being taped up with more and more “protective” plastic litter.

Protective platic inside a Manila Taxi

Can you spot anything else than plastic in the shot above? Mind you; even the backseat row was divided by a wall of plastic. It’s ridiculous. However, the self-made plastic pouch for the tip money in this Manila taxi is simply classic.

Hold on! Obviously, this is a pouch for hard cash, an evil bacteria, fungus and virus carrier. Anyone handling hard cash is at maximum risk! Then again, there is no need to worry, because the financial lobbyist-groups and governments are already diligently working on getting rid of hard cash. This is, so we can finally switch to cards and app-services exclusively. Of course, all in the name of health and so that you are even more traceable and ultimately controllable. To all the Lemmings out there, I apologise. This is just another conspiracy theory…

Don’t talk to anyone and don’t touch anything

Just check any app-driven service, and you will find many that come up with somewhat propagandist messages. For example, an advert that I spotted for an app that enables people to be so goddamn lazy and pay for their petrol from inside their car. Rather than the app slogan saying:

“Hey you slob, you can pay for your petrol in the comfort of your steering wheel” it actually says “Minimise contact, maximise safety – Stay safer by paying for your petrol from your vehicle”. Of course, the ad’s protagonist being the only one in the car still has to wear a mask to avoid breathing in a lonely coronavirus flying by.

Everything is under control – we have our frontliners

After all: THIS IS A WAR, right? A war against an invasion of coronaviruses! Alright, jokes aside. Moreover, before certain people take offence without looking a tad deeper: Herewith, I do not intend to belitter the health worker’s respectable effort in helping patients. However, I do have a slight issue with the term “frontliner”.

Though commonly used these days, I would argue that the initial definition of a frontline is the military line or part of an army that is closest to the enemy. I realise that I am nitpicking here, nor do I want to come across as a smart ass, but believe it or not, there are politicians out there (internationally), who have already declared this staged pandemic a WAR. For crying out loud – this is not a war!

Then again, it’s nothing new that the ‘art’ of idiomatic expression is used to dramatise a topic further and to make it appear in a different light. When terror, for instance, was still an apparent issue (at least in the media), this strategy of idiomatic warfare was and is highly evident.

Fresh air is all around us, even at high altitudes…

These days even airlines seem compelled to send out rather bizarre newsletters explaining the airflow and filter systems in an aircraft. “Conditioned, filtered, fresh air for a safe and healthy flight”. Alright, now I am starting to worry that the apocalypse has begun, however, an apocalypse of intellectual demise.

AirAsia Advanced Filtration, alright then

Let’s switch back to Malaysia for a moment

Once again, I was in touch with some friends who live in Kuala Lumpur, and what I hear resembles some ‘real-life situations’ (pun intended). While we are locked away in our Manila homes practising social distancing, you may be amused to hear that in KL the bars are open. And I am not talking about ‘barely operational’ as is the case in Manila and elsewhere with goddamn plastic screens and sanitation notifications on the table.

Covid health rules propaganda in bars.jpg

Just like back in 2009 when we had the artificially inflated Swine flu pandemic (indeed we are experiencing a revival of being fucked over again, only now it’s existential for millions of people), everyone is, of course, subjected to a temperature check before entering a bar. Also, there is a limit of guests (50 peeps if I am not mistaken).

In any case, the picture I was sent shows a bunch of people at the same table having their beers. Even the barkeeper in the background is not wearing a mask. What’s that called again? If I remember right, this behaviour is called socialising. Heeeey, who needs to socialise in public when we have online? We don’t have to crowd again to love, care, and connect, right?

Last but not least, since corona is such a deadly virus of biblical proportions, already having eliminated a few million people worldwide, the number of new infections should rise drastically, right? And further deaths are unavoidable too, correct?

Well, whoever answered with yes, I will tell you this again: Put on your double-layered masks, plastic gloves and pretty face shields or goggles, and lock yourself in your room. Don’t forget to seal off your door and windows and prepare to sit out this never-ending mindfuck pandemic of yours.

Manic health paranoia in restaurants

While devouring your food, this kind of entertainment gets you right in the mood… Seriously, are any more words required here?

Think for yourself, get informed and don’t fall for this health propaganda

Just like in my previous write-up, I mentioned an interesting source of information ( that gives insights into the numbers of infections, tests, fatalities and future predictions of all countries. Browsing this site may provide you with a better understanding of what we are really faced here. And may I say, it is not what the authorities are trying to make us believe through their spreading of fear.

Further facts about Covid 19

The site Swiss Policy Research gives well-founded insights into many topics that should be burning under our fingernails. Of course, this includes the current crisis that was declared a pandemic for no good reason. In one of their articles, they feature 30 factual points that are worth a read for all the disbelievers.

To make this clear. As is the case with the majority of people in power as well as the mainstream media, I am not saying that there is only one correct way to look at this. People should be able to debate and take into account different sides and opinions in order to come up with a constructive middle ground instead of leading us into this social and economic holocaust that we are already heading at.

What pissed me off right from the start, though, is that the non-lobbyists doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, jurists and worried people, in general, have in many instances been denounced as mad, ignorant, being a lefty/righty or simply a threat to other peoples’ health. Remember the message from the Rockwell poster above? “Move with caution to save lives”. Yeah, get out of my face…

Some of the most noteworthy points taken from

I guess one of my favourites is the last point. Doesn’t this just sound like a match made in heaven for the Philippines?

  • Up to 80% of all test-positive persons remain symptom-free. Even among 70-79 year olds, about 60% remain symptom-free. Over 95% of all persons develop at most moderate symptoms.
  • Contrary to original assumptions, various studies have shown that there is no evidence of the virus spreading through aerosols (i.e. tiny particles floating in the air) or through smear infections (e.g. on door handles or smartphones). The main modes of transmission are direct contact and droplets produced when coughing or sneezing.
  • The virus test kits used internationally are prone to errors and can produce false positive and false negative results. Moreover, the official virus test was not clinically validated due to time pressure and may sometimes react positive to other coronaviruses.
  • At no time was there a medical reason for the closure of schools, as the risk of disease and transmission in children is extremely low. There is also no medical reason for small classes, masks or ‘social distancing’ rules in schools.
  • Several medical experts described express coronavirus vaccines as unnecessary or even dangerous. Indeed, the vaccine against the so-called swine flu of 2009, for example, led to sometimes severe neurological damage and lawsuits in the millions. In the testing of new coronavirus vaccines, too, serious complications and failures have already occurred.
  • Several nurses, e.g. in New York City, described an oftentimes fatal medical mismanagement of Covid patients due to questionable financial incentives or inappropriate medical protocols. (This point is for the critics who like to quote countries like Italy, Spain or the US in regards to the death toll)
  • More than 600 scientists have warned of an “unprecedented surveillance of society” through problematic apps for “contact tracing”. In some countries, such “contact tracing” is already carried out directly by the secret service. In several parts of the world, the population is already being monitored by drones and facing serious police overreach.

Once again, the above points are taken from – there are 23 more in addition to loads of studies, reports etc. that should make every blind follower at least startled and, hopefully, WAKE UP!

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