Merry New Normal Christmas

Merry New Normal Christmas

How will you celebrate this beautifully innovative New Normal Christmas? Hopefully not like most peeps in the West, for instance, where governments now instruct us on how many people we are permitted to share these merry days with. Of course, and as always, all in the name of absolute health and sterility – HAIL THE CORONA REGIME!

I will put a gear down from the sarcasm for a brief moment to clarify that I don’t believe that families in the Philippines will celebrate their Xmas in the fashion mentioned before. Well, at least not when it comes to family members actually getting together – not considering the countless people who have already lost their entire existence due to the pointless and ultimately corrupt lockdowns.

However, the peeps in higher company structures seem to think different as they ultimately portray this current misery as quite the fashionable New Normal, as you will see next.

Merry New Normal Christmas Vibes – PLDT-style

Really, I should cancel my damn PLDT subscription over the detestable approach PLDT takes with its Xmas Ads this year. And of course, they are not the only ones…

New Normal Xmas Vibes by PLDT

While more and more people I speak to – be it bartenders, taxi drivers, security personnel and so forth – are questioning the technocratic fist that is being shoved up our ass, the elites (namely the big corporations) are obviously following a very different concept.

Of course, PLDT is not a global player like other trend-setting 🤮 corporations, but such companies are not helping the situation when they actually propagate and sell us this current shitshow as the New Normal. Nevertheless, many of these companies, internet giants, and app services do exactly this. Remember the slogan we see here and there in the streets?

“There’s online. We don’t have to crowd again to love, care, and connect.”

Indeed, this reads like every internet giants’ wet dream, or does it not? And for the people who still don’t grasp it, please rush ahead and take your liberation-jab, pardon, the vaccination. You still believe that once you had the jab, you’ll be freed of your masks and face shields, right?

They Think You’re Stupid!

The following video is yet another good 12-minute-long watch for the disbelievers among us. Let’s see how long this one will be up before the freedom-of-speech-champion, YouTube, kicks this one in the groin too.

I couldn’t help myself but had to put up the following vid as well. It’s simply too good, though, unfortunately, it’s the bitter truth…

Government Officials Not Abiding By Their Own Protocols

I am picking up my previous point when I mentioned that I come across more and more people seeing through this corona-shitshow. One other piece of information I was let in on while visiting some establishments which are frequented by more “privileged” assholes, is that government officials and other higher-ranked peers aren’t even abiding by their own protocols. You know, the masks, shields, social distancing?

If they are not following their own rules which they want the “general public” to obey by, why should you? Sure, because ZOMBIE-CORONA with a mortality rate of below ZERO PERCENT might kill you, yet it manages to avoid our aristocratic technocrats. Is there a chance that you may have been brainwashed by the propagandistic media which, for example, falsely declares each positive test result as an infection – in other words, someone who is sick and infectious (even though, in the majority of cases, the person feels perfectly fine)?

Let’s clear the fog, shall we? These people are not sick – and as already medically and scientifically proven, as well as outlined back in the day by the inventor of the PCR test himself, Kary B. Mullis, the testing kits are not certified to diagnose infection!

Too Much Information, I Just Want To Stay Safe!

Some may say, I just want myself or my family to stay safe. Fundamentally this is understandable. However, they may also voice that they don’t care about what is being said. They don’t care that there are incriminating facts out there. After all, how do these people voicing their criticism over the corona shitshow know what is true or not in the first place? Maybe they are all conspiracy-theorists after all!

Well, if you want safety, maybe it is the time to ask: SAFETY FROM WHAT??

Leaves me to conclude: When all the facts out there speak a very different language, then I urge you to do our society a well-needed favour and START THINKING!

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