It’s not about health. Rather the Great Reset is revealing its ugly grimace

Covid Death Syringe

The Portuguese capital Lisbon has been in a state of emergency since Friday. Nobody is allowed to enter the city without good reason. The residents are only allowed to leave the city it with special permission. The official goal of this measure is to prevent the spread of the Delta variant of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

Let us remember what happened in China 18 months ago. At the beginning of 2020, under the same pretext, entire large cities were sealed off and the freedom of movement of their residents was drastically restricted. The measures did not help, because within a few weeks the virus could be detected on all five continents.

So what we are seeing in Lisbon is the repetition of a measure that we already know will not achieve the goal set by those responsible.

On a side-note, there is a different argument that goes against the idea of the “virus having been detected on all five continents”. It is a FACT that there is no isolated Covid-19 virus anywhere in the world (based on this, what exactly are the blind sheep being injected with??). It is also a fact that the scientifically important autopsies on the deceased were not approved by the governments. Instead, they were rather fast with slapping those corpses into the incinerator. If that doesn’t smell like a cover-up, what does?

So why was this state of emergency ordered?

To answer this question, one should first remember that a pandemic situation would never have been declared if the World Health Organization had not changed its definition of a pandemic in April 2009 (think back to the days of the exposed swine flu hoax). Until then, one of the basic requirements for a pandemic was an “enormous number of deaths”.

In addition, in the course of the first cases of illness, the term “died of and with an illness” was introduced – a formulation that has never been used before and is just as scientifically untenable as the ban on performing autopsies on the deceased (as pointed out in our statement above). Both of these measures have helped drive up official death statistics.

However, the actual number of victims and the average age of those who died from the virus reveal something completely different: at no point did we have to deal with a global health emergency.

On the other hand, the measures ordered have had devastating consequences, and not only in the health sector. Parliaments have been sidelined, basic rights have been restricted in unprecedented ways and dictatorial structures have been set up worldwide, as we know them only from the darkest times of fascism.


In order to understand the motives behind the measures, one has to direct one’s gaze to a process that has assumed monumental proportions in recent years and has now completely dominated our lives: the concentration of ever more wealth and thus more and more power in the hands of the digital-financial consortium, i.e. the alliance of the largest IT groups and the most important financial institutions in the world.

In contrast to the generally accepted view that our lives are largely determined by politics, it is this digital-financial consortium that makes the trend-setting economic and political decisions in our time – single-handedly and worldwide.

The monetary system is dead

Despite the power of the Googles and Black Rocks, this consortium is currently facing a historical problem: the existing monetary system on which its rule is based threatens to collapse after being artificially kept alive by the central banks for over a decade and must therefore be replaced by a new one.

There is already a plan for this: the introduction of semi-private digital central bank currencies. These, however, will hand the people over to complete surveillance and total control by the state as well as the digital-financial enterprises. Furthermore, under normal circumstances, the introduction of such a system would be met with enormous social opposition.

Welcome to the Great Reset

For the reason just mentioned, the leading forces have obviously opted for the strategy of the Great Reset. They are using the terminal phase of the existing financial system to plunder it with all the tricks of the trade and thus deliberately bring about its complete collapse.

As soon as this collapse occurs, which will be accompanied by severe social upheaval, they will then come up with the new digital money. However, this money will not be advertised as a coercive measure, but as a humanitarian “aid”. It will be presented to the millions of people threatened by unemployment and homelessness – to a certain extent as a last hope – in the form of the unconditional basic income.

“Forced to do everything possible to keep the people at bay”

The whole thing is a risky maneuver, because its successful completion requires that the majority of people do not oppose this path into digital imprisonment. Because of this, the digital financial consortium is being forced to do everything possible to keep the people at bay, to break their resistance and to ensure the highest levels of control, surveillance and intimidation until reaching its goal.

It is precisely for this purpose that arbitrary measures such as the cordoning off of the Portuguese capital are likely to serve, which incidentally is not because of a fatal epidemic but because of an illness whose symptoms consist of headaches, runny nose and sore throat.

NOTE: This commentary was not published by but the German KenFM online magazine on June 21, 2021. The article was translated in the best means possible and published on to generate more reach.

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