Berlin is doing it again! Anti Corona Measures Protests – 29th of August 2020

Berlin is doing it again! Anti Corona Measures Protests

My respect goes out to the hundred-thousands of people getting together (once again) in Berlin to protest against the corrupt and inhuman corona measures. The ruin of millions of people worldwide due to the lockdown-derived existential, as well as physical and psychological effects, occurred in the name of health and hygiene – when in fact something very different and rather perverse is going on behind the scenes.

Frankly, if people don’t rise up, we’ll find ourselves in a totalitarian state of control sooner than later. Indeed, the elites already set the rails (that is how well the propaganda worked for years and especially during the corona shit show), but it’s not too late yet!

We are all looking towards Berlin today on the 29th of August 2020 that shall mark a shift for the better across the world. I am no dreamer or spiritual, but without the German government going down, I don’t see an end to this worldwide corona regime anytime soon. Why Germany? Well, I gave some insights in my previous “Gising Na Pilipinas” write-up, but to cut it short: Germany is, where we currently see the biggest oppositional movement. The hopeless and drastic measures taken by the elite and most of the mainstream media (things are slowly changing though) to stuff people’s mouths are more than evident.

When Germany falls (I realise that this sounds a tad anarchistic but is not meant that way), it will send out a powerful signal to the rest of the world. Hopefully, this will be the driving factor for the mislead elites to do things differently and take into consideration the existing facts by so many professionals whose opinion has been ridiculed and oppressed since the beginning of this corona hoax. By the way, here are some details of what happened at the Berlin demonstration against the anti-corona-shit-show-measures.

Hey DOH, got any updated PANIC stats?

While the world has its eyes on Berlin, what is happening in the Philippines? Well, not too much at all. Except for the fact that people now have to wear face shields too. Frankly, wearing masks, face shields and staying at home will not curb the rise in (false) positive PCR-test results!!! The biggest joke, however, is that these (damn expensive) PCR-tests are scientifically meaningless as a diagnostic tool to determine an alleged infection. Just to put this into perspective, it’s not me who comes up with this shit. Instead, this piss-take has been uncovered months ago and the elites are indeed very aware of this.

Therefore, “new cases” simply are (false) positive test results, no more, no less. They are NOT infected, death-carrying zombies that will wipe out humanity.

PH Department of Health - Ongoing Propagandist Covid Nonsense

Mild, mild, mild, mild, mild, mild, mild, mild… Any more comments required? This is sweet-ass propagandist corona nonsense. Sure Philippines, keep testing, testing, testing… Just like in other countries where the elite is desperately trying to fill the statistics with more cases in order to justify a second lockdown.

On another note, if there is someone who should take one of the glorified vaccinations that are luring at the horizon, then it’s the many people that are longing for it. Yes, I am just sarcastic. It should be clear that any corona vaccination is simply one fat and very dangerous cash cow. If you disagree, well, don’t come crawling after when the first neural diseases appear and ulcers are eating up your body…

So, what happened in Berlin?

FAKE NEWS in the mainstream media

Fake news was pretty much the ONLY thing that the mainstream media outlets had to offer during and after the event. Nothing new here… Of course, the hundred-thousands of people that attended were again titled Nazis, conspiracy theorists, COVIDIOTS, confused, right-wing-extremists and so forth.

Some initial sources mentioned up to 300 thousand people. However, that number would apply to the people in close proximity to the main event and speakers’ stage since there were protesters all over Berlin. Therefore, we are more likely talking of up to 800 thousand people. The mainstream media, on the other hand, reported of up to 38,000 people. Maths clearly isn’t their strongest field.

Make up your own mind and check out this aerial view video below. Note that this shows the area around the main stage (damn social distancing nonsense included). It is not inclusive of all the other events that happened across the city. Moreover, further demonstrators were not even able to join the main stage event because the police forces wouldn’t have it and stopped them in their tracks (check further below for proper police violence treats).

By the way, both the elite-praised BLM rallies as well as the demonised first Berlin demonstration with easily over a million people did NOT RESULT IN A RISE OF CASES. Over and out!

What I have to say to all of this: Keep digging your grave, mainstream media. With your involvement in these crimes against the constitution and human rights, you are guilty. The news you shit out daily is not worth the paper it is printed on – QUITE LITERALLY!

Robert F. Kennedy speech at the anti corona measures protests in Berlin, 29th of August 2020

If you think that the attendance of Robert F. Kennedy and a few other public figures should make for some interesting news. Well, most definitely, you are right. Not so in the elite-loyal German mainstream media where practically nothing can be found on this or other speeches (of course, this disgrace is not exclusive to Germany but many other countries around the world too).

On another note: From what Kennedy states, before his departure to Germany, the US media already titled “Kennedy is off to Berlin to talk to 5,000 odd Nazis”. So much for the US media and their own dead bodies in the basement…

Here is what Kennedy had to say:

The German media reports of “the attack on the parliament building”

Alright, let’s get this right! So, clearly having a Kennedy visit Berlin in 2020 making a speech is rather irrelevant. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I mean, how would one even manage to remember a John F. Kennedy these days. JFK, anyone? The president who came to Berlin in 1963 during the cold war times to deliver a genuinely iconic speech featuring the classic line “Ich bin ein Berliner” (I am a Berliner). Well, well, well, this is probably far too long ago for the mainstream media journalists to even retrieve that kind of information.

While the mainstream media made sure to hush up the Kennedy speech as well as the hundred-thousands of peaceful demonstrators, they were focusing on a group of potential troublemakers in front of the German parliament instead. Apparently, this crowd of people was even willing to “STORM the Reichstag” as a result. Funny enough, there was only a handful of police dudes deployed to defend the house of corrupt decision-making, who later were heroically praised by the media and elite.

Good boys, you deserve a pat on the head.

Nada de nada

Don’t you find this all a little weird as well? Turns out that the group of protesters in front of the parliament where from another approved demonstration. Of course, it only consisted of protesters that are suspected of coming from the right-wing spectrum, and that had nothing to do with the main rally. This apparent “mob” then tried to storm the parliament. Still, the heroic police force managed to fend it off, also displaying some quality Bruce Lee like moves (see the rather shocking video compilation further below).

Basically, this is all the mainstream media managed to come up with. Shoddy, Junta-style journalism. No word about the other demonstrations all over the city, no word about Kennedy’s speech, no word about the actual concerns of the protesters, NADA!!

Anyway, I do have a little treat for you. More and more information is trickling through that the protests in front of the GOV building were, in fact, staged… More to come for sure.

POLICE VIOLENCE in a state of facade democracy

The German government once again showed its real ugly face! Police violence, arbitrary arrests and prohibitions in addition to a strategically planned enforcement by the Berlin senate to deliberately provoke problematic outcomes with the demonstrating crowds (maybe to achieve some ugly coverage for the evening news).

Furthermore, many of the arriving busses and private cars carrying more protesters were not allowed to enter Berlin. I guess because the elites don’t want the undecided people to see what really is going on on their home turf and beyond! Well, more and more people are seeing it…

And believe it or not, but when the police started disbanding parts of the demonstrations – unlawfully, by the way – they became proper riot police going on a witch hunt after the people (as seen in parts of the video below).

Willkommen in Deutschland, another role model of how not to do it…

So, Willkommen in Deutschland, a country that has been doing ever so well in this pandemic, right? In any case, as I mentioned before, this shit show does not only apply to Germany but other countries too. It is up to us to stop this global formation of totalitarian regimes that use panic, health and hygiene as a coverup.

The German government, and not just them, have lost all of their credit. It is time for change, BUT NOT WITH THEM!

Stay strong, arm yourself with knowledge and make people wake up!

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