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In Brazil’s darkest hour…

Asian Hottie supporting the German Football squad ripping Brazil to shreds
…there is light at the end of the tunnel, because now that the world has ended (sarcastic wink), at least there’s something hot to stare at! By no means we’re Brazil fans here (for sports reasons)… In fact, after a few beers it got super rowdy amongst our German friends who went absolutely ballistic seeing their squad ripping into the Brazilian defense. Indeed, the 7 – 1 victory was quite a spectacle to watch!

And this morning the picture on the right reached us – ain’t she a damn hot Asian cutey?! No more words required…

Launching my ass back to paradise!

Launching my ass back to paradise!

What’s up folks? Once again am back from the dead with some news, that is getting me right excited, mentally as well as physically – am FINALLY making a return to Asia and it’s about bloody time! Continue reading

We’re not dead! Neither is Asian Yellow Fever

We're not dead! Neither is Asian Yellow Fever
Some may wonder what happened to the updates. Where are the Yellow Fever theories, the dirty stories and attempts to heal the sickness? We’ve had a lapse, but we can definitely say that we’re not dead! Neither is Asian Yellow Fever, correct!

There’s still plenty of material to be thrown into the Yellow Fever arena. Coming up is an addition to the Dirty Yellow section on a night out in Manila, a stalker incident on Facebook as well as an interview with our Asia ‘correspondent’ on the delights of the local Asian girls. Continue reading

Welcome to

Welcome to
Welcome to This is our very first moment of online life. We’ve been debating the topics to be discussed for long enough and it was about time we would digitalise our thoughts and opinions and build an online community that will party their heads off. If you still wonder what this is all about, have a go reading the brief paragraph above.

Everyone in connection with this site has a slight or stronger weakness with either 1) aspects of Asian culture (sounds all more cultivated now doesn’t it?) or 2) being totally bland, the Asian female (doesn’t get more dedicated than this). Continue reading

Keep checking back for updates