Welcome to yellowfeverhots.com

Welcome to yellowfeverhots.com
Welcome to yellowfeverhots.com. This is our very first moment of online life. We’ve been debating the topics to be discussed for long enough and it was about time we would digitalise our thoughts and opinions and build an online community that will party their heads off. If you still wonder what this is all about, have a go reading the brief paragraph above.

Everyone in connection with this site has a slight or stronger weakness with either 1) aspects of Asian culture (sounds all more cultivated now doesn’t it?) or 2) being totally bland, the Asian female (doesn’t get more dedicated than this). Often both aspects unite and we have another Yellow Fever infection! Yeah, that exists too folks. Even though you may find something on vulnerable Japanese girls tossed into a school uniform, this site is not about that… or were we to throw in the words ‘not just’ somewhere?

Along the way we will have quite a few characters getting involved contributing to what is and will be the rep book of yellowfeverhots.com. It won’t be just nonsense (take our word for that some of it definitely will be though), but revealing facts and surreal insights into the mechanics of Yellow Fever. Along the way you will also find pretty interesting and spiced up material such as well needed travel advice to… yes, exactly… Asia – and much more!

So, delve with us into the mysteries of the Yellow Fever fetish, because we’ve got the Hots for it. Be entertained and/or repulsed, everything goes… Mind, if you happen to cannot wait, we may be a bit slow launching all the initial content that is already scheduled in for this site, but give it some time. The yellowfeverhots.com crew won’t keep you waiting for too long.

Oh yeah… Just to simplify things – as to what you are going to read, we are including our very own special and obviously heavily meaningful ‘Sanitymeter’ along with every article. This is to give you an indication of what you will be burning your brain cells on. From facts to nonsense, sanity to insanity, the sickness and the cure, we’ve got it covered…

Still no idea where we’re coming from? Darn it, we’re all infected anyways. Are you infected too?

Happy reading and interacting. Join the party at yellowfeverhots.com

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