We’re not dead! Neither is Asian Yellow Fever

We're not dead! Neither is Asian Yellow Fever
Some may wonder what happened to the updates. Where are the Yellow Fever theories, the dirty stories and attempts to heal the sickness? We’ve had a lapse, but we can definitely say that we’re not dead! Neither is Asian Yellow Fever, correct!

There’s still plenty of material to be thrown into the Yellow Fever arena. Coming up is an addition to the Dirty Yellow section on a night out in Manila, a stalker incident on Facebook as well as an interview with our Asia ‘correspondent’ on the delights of the local Asian girls.

As you can see, tons of nonsense in the pipeline, but limited time to accomplish all the content quick enough to quench every Asiaphiles’ thirst. Nevertheless, on a promotional note, everything you read on yellowfeverhots.com is the real thing. No invented stories or theories being made up just for the sake of it. On top of that, (unfortunately) none of us has been able to drop the Yellow Fever and we are as sick as ever before.

For that matter we have included a trivial snapshot to thank everyone who’s put in the patience and kept checking back. Thanks!! Fair enough, it’s only a back profile, but going all frontal in the middle of the street would have been asking a little too much. Who’s to say she’s Asian? Well, you just have to trust us on that one – we can spot them miles away…

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