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In Brazil’s darkest hour…

Asian Hottie supporting the German Football squad ripping Brazil to shreds
…there is light at the end of the tunnel, because now that the world has ended (sarcastic wink), at least there’s something hot to stare at! By no means we’re Brazil fans here (for sports reasons)… In fact, after a few beers it got super rowdy amongst our German friends who went absolutely ballistic seeing their squad ripping into the Brazilian defense. Indeed, the 7 – 1 victory was quite a spectacle to watch!

And this morning the picture on the right reached us – ain’t she a damn hot Asian cutey?! No more words required…

Encounter with an insane Thai girl


Let’s go on a stereotyping rampage. If you had the choice to pick an ethnicity for your personal Asian encounter, which one would you go for?

  • Japanese? Humble and caring, but at times a bit naive in regards to their surroundings occurrences.
  • Chinese? More oriented towards their fellow natives, playing hard to get and at times can be a bit arrogant.
  • Or Thai? Flirtatious and outgoing, good at adapting to situations… Continue reading

When Asian Yellow Fever turns ugly

When Asian Yellow Fever turns ugly

Asian girls are your thing and you enjoy getting their attention? You’re crazy about travelling to Asia and experience the best of what it’s got to offer? All very well. There are plenty of legit reasons for that Pro-Asian mindset. But for some Yellow Fever Heads out there, it has its dark side. Continue reading

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