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GISING NA PILIPINAS (wake up and see the facts)!

Philippines - GISING NA (wake up and see the facts)!

Disbelief struck me once again when I saw the DOH’s official stats! For the countless mislead and misinformed people out there, of which more and more are wearing these disgraceful face shields, and who still believe that corona (or Covid 19 for that matter) is a threat to humanity, WAKE UP!! It is no secret that there are many sources available that take a close look at educated views, research and stats by numerous professionals like doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, jurists and so forth. Therefore, I cannot believe how utterly blind, dumb, or cynical the DOH must be. Maybe they’re even blind, dumb and cynical, all at the same time. Alternatively, they have been sucking off that lobby-financed WHO cock for far too long. Continue reading

The paranoid Covid propaganda in the Philippines

Covid Propaganda

I see it as a duty to inform the few visitors of this site about the mentally toxic dose of paranoid propaganda we are currently subjected to in the Philippines. It’s utterly disgusting that considering the tons of factual information out there, proving that this pandemic is over (and was never as lethal as “they” want us to believe), corona is being instrumentalised by various governments and entities across the globe.

If we don’t unite against this arbitrariness, then the so praised ‘new normal’ bullshit may very well become our nightmare of reality (though we are already very much on track to this new reality of control-state in the name of health). Continue reading

Happy Philippine Independence Corona Day


I’m not sure how many times I attempted to start this write-up (or rather rant) because in the previous weeks I simply couldn’t get in the mood to do it. Do not expect a literary masterpiece either. Regardless of the immense frustration deriving from the worldwide onslaught of political hypocrisy (and in many cases utter arbitrariness) being imposed by the various “new world health regimes”, I felt compelled to leave a message in the face of the Philippine Independence Day, 12th of June 2020. Continue reading

Remembering 11/03

Remembering 11/03

It’s been a year since catastrophe struck Japan. Flashbacks of the thousands of life’s lost and unimaginable destruction come to mind. Some of us were able to follow the horrors unfold over the internet or on TV; others were at first completely unaware. Continue reading

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