Happy Philippine Independence Corona Day


I’m not sure how many times I attempted to start this write-up (or rather rant) because in the previous weeks I simply couldn’t get in the mood to do it. Do not expect a literary masterpiece either. Regardless of the immense frustration deriving from the worldwide onslaught of political hypocrisy (and in many cases utter arbitrariness) being imposed by the various “new world health regimes”, I felt compelled to leave a message in the face of the Philippine Independence Day, 12th of June 2020.

Happy Independence Day! Well, the last time I checked, not much of that independence is currently in effect…

Let’s celebrate the inauguration of this prison state 2.0

Frankly, what we are facing is surreal. Not only does the Philippines hold the world record in enforcing the most prolonged lockdown. These are times where people see themselves being bombarded with arbitrary decisions made in the name of health (or god, who knows – irony, here we go). These are also times where people have to fight to make their voices heard against political abominations like the anti-terrorism bill, designed to ass fuck the general public even harder. And yet, in these times, a handful of people appear to be celebrating INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Now, to put this in the right perspective: My frustration is not directed at the general public. Instead, it is directed at the morons in charge that come up with these nonsensical measures that put us in this mess in the first place (and ultimately incite people against each other).

Got your muzzle on?

When checking some stuff on the web today, it was puzzling to read that some street parades may be taking place. Now, as of the time of this writing, I cannot confirm if these events really took place. However, I did hear festive outdoor music resounding from someplace. In any case, that’s not even the point. If this is true, though, then I wonder how this is possible in the first place when on other days you may see yourself being denounced for not wearing your muzzle correctly.

Now that I started hitting on that questionable practice of wearing protective masks (these days also conveniently called everyday masks to give it that sociable touch): How can it be that street parades are permitted? Is this another poor attempt of portraying a slow return to normality (or as they like to call it, the “New Normal”)?

Truth be told, I absolutely despise this term, and of course, I am for a return to PRE-normality. However, in times where we have to follow propagandistic social distancing, etc., I wonder how these practices are being implemented during a street parade. So, in the end, we are faced with yet another hypocrite decision.

The pandemic is over!

As in every corner of the world, there are plenty of people brainwashed by what their governments and mainstream media feed them. These sheep following the herd may very well call me a conspiracy theorist. Indeed, this is a rather interesting term and should be awarded word of the year (unless we want to be so uninspired and just go with “corona”). A few remarks:

  • 1) Calling someone a conspiracy theorist is always at hand these days to denunciate people who may simply have a different opinion, or who do not agree with the propaganda set out by the government or mainstream media. All sane people do not deny that the virus exists and that there is a health risk to specific groups of people. Shutting down the world’s economy and locking everyone away over practically no more than a flu virus, is a whole different ball game though. Surprise, the lockdown and the economic down spiral will cause way more fatalities than this almost biblical corona virus.
  • 2) There are official facts and stats out there, leading to the conclusion that for various countries, the intensity of enforced lockdown was unreasonable if not entirely unnecessary. Of course, I am not talking about any of the stats published by, for example, the World Health Organization. Instead, these thoroughly infiltrated douchebags should be put in the limelight for receiving funds by rather questionable sources.
  • 3) Facts and other opinions, including the views by a multitude of other professionals such as doctors, virologist, lawyers etc., are blatantly ignored or dismissed as nonsense by dozens of governments across the globe.
    • On a side-note, it is a disgrace to see that entities like YouTube and Facebook play along by deleting tons of videos and posts because they do not meet their so-called community (or rather WHO) guidelines. Censorship has really upped the ante in recent years, especially since the world decided to wage war against a flu virus. We heard all of that somewhere before, right? The never-ending “war” on all them undereducated people with bombs strapped around their waist.
    • Lastly, in case you didn’t know. The swine flu paranoia of 2009 turned out to be another complete hoax. The vaccines that had to be disposed of all over the globe cost the taxpayer millions, if not more. This was yet another cash cow game with numerous casualties that were caused by everything else than a virus. Yet, even in those days we experienced NO lockdowns or had to cover our faces and keep distance to each other. And yes, during that time I was travelling both in Malaysia as well as the Philippines.

Back in 2009 in Malaysia, we were also checked for our temperature before entering a club (in addition to receiving a sticker that read “good to kiss” – I am not kidding you). Compare that to the Philippines of today! Hold on, by the time the HOLY New Normal kicks in, hardly any bars and clubs will be left that survived. Interesting developments indeed…

  • 4) The people in power did a marvellous job of planting this seed of fear by feeding us nonsensical stats and images of stacked coffins, to make this complete lockdown appear like the only way to save the human race from extinction.
  • 5) If one wants to carry on throwing the term conspiracy theorist around then really they should think about whacking that label on the peeps in the government and their loyalist media organisations.

In the meantime, as the world eases itself into the New Normal…

…be informed that there will never be a corona-free world. Of course, I am not a virologist, but don’t panic! It is not a secret that corona viruses appear seasonally, just like influenza and other types of infections. Therefore, this virus did not come from planet Mars, and whoever is insisting on fighting for a corona-free world by wearing their protective masks, gloves and face shields: Carry on dreaming.

To the other deep-state loyalists believing in a return to normality only once a vaccine becomes available (which usually takes years to develop): Be my guest, get your shot and one day let me know about the side-effects. Let’s not forget to force-vaccinate all kids too, so they don’t pass on the virus either – carry on sleeping…

With the continuing decrease of corona cases across the globe, the pharmaceutical industry must be getting quite nervous, because it takes infections in order to be able to develop a vaccine in the first place.

If you keep looking, you will find more

It should be evident that the more they test for infected people, the more they will find. The fact that a number of testing kits have already proven to be utter shambles or are increasingly giving false positives does not seem to interest too many of the people in charge either.

The pandemic must be kept alive, at least via false stats, so it sticks in our minds. How else will it be possible to rape us with a vaccine in the near future?

To put this into context using another example: Stumble into any red light district and start testing people for STD’s. Surprise, you will uncover a wealth of infectious cases. Nowadays, maybe more than ever before, or stuff we didn’t even know existed. Just keep on looking. So, how about implementing another lockdown? Unless everyone exercises abstinence, there’s no way to get this kind of issue under control either.

Then again, at times it feels like that abstinence during the lockdown is what the top bananas in charge would define as the perfect state.

Give me more case numbers and disturbing imagery!

The number of cases and deaths is what we have been fed day in, day out (with every person that dies with corona, not because of corona, also going into the propaganda statistic).

However, no one talks about the absolute majority of people who feel nothing or close to no symptoms. Should these people really be classified as infected when, in fact, they are the key to even more people becoming immune to the disease? We are talking about the so-called herd immunity here. Don’t take my word for it, however, apparently even the WHO classified these asymptomatic cases as not being likely to pass on the virus.

Once again, there is no denying that the risk groups of people (primarily the elderly and the ones with pre-existing chronic illnesses) should be getting all the support. However, instead, this situation has been moulded into a full-blown crisis with political Trojan Horses dropping off their loads in the shape of undesirable laws and the kind (in addition to injecting unrealistic sums of cash into the dying global financial system).

Guess who is paying for all of this (?), and many people with their bare existence. Nope, once more it’s not the top bananas.

Alright, am off…

Indeed, I am getting sick and tired of going on about corona and seeing people hiding behind their skiing goggles. And to be honest, I went off-topic quite a bit. However, when I hear people talking about a potential vaccine as the salvation or being asked to keep moving when sitting down with someone in public for a chat (due to social distancing, again making no sense), it’s taking the piss!

I haven’t even started ranting yet about the various policies that apply in the buildings, and I won’t start now. Basically, it’s down to the government now to decide when one is allowed to get some “action”.

We are kept hostage in the name of health, at least metaphorically. The middle finger that we are shown day in and day out is, quite literally, an attack at personal level.

Think for yourself and find your own stats

If you happen to not agree with what the lemons in charge try to sell us here, the New Normal, or if you want to check out the numbers and predictions of cases for yourself, check out this website: Covid19.Healthdata.org. See for yourself how stable the Philippines (and other countries) really are. Yet the enforcements we are made to abide tell a somewhat different story.

Anyways, all of you stay safe, and for a change, I don’t mean this ironically.

Post Scriptum

I reckon, dropping a song video here about the quarantine is somewhat original. Mind, this track is from the Death genre (great stuff!). So, if you’re not into screams and growls, then you’ve reached the end of this trip. Go home, and stay home. 😉

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