It drives me crazy! – The causes of Asian Yellow Fever

It drives me crazy! - The causes of Asian Yellow Fever

Various theories exist out there regarding the causes of Asian Yellow Fever. Some articles waffle on about how ‘Asian girls are irresistible’ thus making the white man go cuckoo. Others rip into the nature of stereotyping, making the western community idealise Asian culture and creating a fetish around it. Then again there are sources that would simply state personal reasons, many of them perfectly legitimate. Now, is not stepping in to provide THE PERFECT ANSWER, nor THE ABSOLUTE SOLUTION (see, the words perfect and absolute are derogatory). What we do want to provide is an analysis by combining existing theories with our very own input on the subject, simply because anyone who has happened to lose their mind is not suffering Yellow Fever for just one reason, but a build up of causes.

A build up of such causes is resembled by any given number of occurrences in ones’ life that relate to interactions with aspects of Asian culture. Correct, it’s not simply about Asian girls in school uniforms that lay the foundations, nor does Yellow Fever has to come from ones’ perception of the submissive type of woman. The Asiaphile state of mind does already pick up at an early age… Early enough anyway to assume (or hope) that a submissive woman won’t be of too much interest. Therefore, we naturally would have all been exposed to some Asian culture. What got you interested in anything Asian then? Video Games (anyone for true digital pinup chick Chun Li?), Hong Kong Action movies (that always happen to feature fit actresses, even if they are half-robot at times), Martial Arts, your crazy neighbour? All of it entertainment, except for the neighbour maybe – and you didn’t have to become a nerd as a result of it.

She'd rule in T3

She’d rule in T3 (Roboforce 1988)

It’s almost as simple as picking up a taste in a genre of music. That makes some people join bands right? Along the course of life these influences become key moments. If an individual doesn’t happen to lose this interest, further key moments are picked up generating a pool of perceptions and desires. By then its arguable how much you can actually control this motion, but the more input you are willing or enjoying to keep adding to this pool, it can branch out into Asian Yellow Fever as a result… or simply create an individual in love with everything Asian, but it doesn’t have to be particularly for the girls.

While on one side you have the culturally motivated, you also get the physically-oriented Yellow Fever on the other. In addition, some embrace their fetish while others would like to rather drop it. We’ll be covering more about this trend in another article – ‘When Asian Yellow Fever turns ugly‘. As mentioned before, there are perfectly legitimate reasons for being infected, others go borderline cringe-worthy and some causes are just low-life material. Yet again, it also comes down to how Asian Yellow fever victims deal with their situation.

Now that we’ve already started muddling in the dirt, let’s look at some examples of full-blown Asian Yellow fever outbreaks.

  • Call this one legitimate: You may be an individual embracing your fetish and standing for the fact that you are heavily into Asian crumpet. This could be for purely visual attraction and preference, the fact that you feel they are easier and more fun socialising with, or a combination of the two. It makes sense that this group tries to align and tune their socialising ball game to the target audience and aim for a positive outcome.
  • Borderline cringe-worthy: You may be an individual potentially embracing your fetish while in hunting mode, suspecting that Asian girls are an easy feast just waiting to be devoured. The western charm shall do the job to ensure a successful return. This being a borderline category is a little tricky. Who can fail a non-Asiaphile dude on the look out, succeeding with a charm offense that makes an Asian girl burn up on the spot? It’s pure sleaze, but then again there’s probably a package for every other ethnic target audiences as well. However, it alters the perception of the Yellow Fever fetish, if through the same actions an Asiaphile offender achieves a similar outcome. Then you got the sleaze factor and a distinct type of embarrassment all in one.
  • Finally, when it all hits the fan: Chances reign high that an infected charmer who managed to see the light of some Asian girls will look up the Asian continent in order to tranquilise the need and addiction for more. Is it ok to be a young sex tourist and not when you’re ‘past your age’, hanging out with various escort types or vice versa? Yet again, there are different approaches to the matter. Who would dare say the older generation travelling to Asia isn’t allowed to seek some fun with local temptations, as then you would have to relate to exactly the same happenings across the rest of the globe? However, as an example: Be it young or old, seeking such pleasures in commercialised joints accompanying fellow beer guzzling desperados drags it through the mud. Nah, we love the beer, but then some can’t even get the choice of ‘establishment’ right.

You may guess that each of the behavioural patterns above can be acted out with certain dignity. If anyone is already on a rampage wanting to shred this article, realise that whichever category of origins one may fall into, they are in fact still legitimate in the face of Asian Yellow Fever. This is because they are ultimately linked. The outbursts of Yellow Fever do happen for various reasons and their origins potentially lead all the way back to childhood.

The bottom line is: Yes, you may become one of the beer guzzlers with the luxury of being schmooched by two, four or more entertainers at any one time or just love travelling the Asian continent for its cultural uniqueness.

Short test for one on the road… Ask yourself, viewing the collage below, what do you feel?:

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  3. Costa del Sol in Spain right? She’s alright though.
  4. Her combined with a packed-out party beach in Asia, I’d like that.
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