When Asian Yellow Fever turns ugly

When Asian Yellow Fever turns ugly

Asian girls are your thing and you enjoy getting their attention? You’re crazy about travelling to Asia and experience the best of what it’s got to offer? All very well. There are plenty of legit reasons for that Pro-Asian mindset. But for some Yellow Fever Heads out there, it has its dark side.‘It drives me crazy! – The causes of Asian Yellow Fever‘ is an article that may be of interest. That is, if you’re still a bit in the dark, as to why you have the hots for Asians or Asian culture for that matter.

What advice would you give to a Yellow Fever victim, that by simply spotting an Asian girl sees a red cape flashing up in front of his eyes? How is that person to deal with sensations of frustration or worse, depression, caused by the urge of making a move or in fact wanting to move his ass over to Asia altogether? If your Asian fetish has reached such highs, we are talking Yellow Fever gone ugly. It comes in all shapes and colours. In fact it can be argued that some Asiaphiles wish they didn’t have to suffer the effects of Asian Yellow Fever and its temptations altogether.

Seeing red at the sight of an Asian girl? Do you have Yellow Fever?

Seeing red at the sight of an Asian girl? Do you have Yellow Fever?

So… Get a grip and just get to Asia then, if your Yellow Fever is so chronic? Would that heal the infection or just keep it contained until another string of it breaks out? What if there’s no opportunity to move, even though one may want to? Should that person still work towards achieving such goals or seriously question that Yellow Fever mindset, hence that is what’s causing all the frustration? Plenty of question marks, possibly no answers. Read on and we’ll see how the sickness unfolds.

When Yellow Fever turns ugly –
the symptoms

Getting carried away:

Ugly Yellow Fever is a funny one as it can freak yourself out as much as the person that is unintentionally causing it in you. When chatting up an Asian girl shifts from being a fun sport to an obsession, leaving you feeling like having to do it in order to stay reasonably sane, you’ve got altered Yellow Fever. If an opportunity is ignored or missed, the levels of frustration can keep your mind busy for the rest of the day. We have an example from one of our crew. Yeah, we find it quite hilarious, at the same time though it’s a ‘mild’ instance of Yellow Fever having turned ugly.

Picture the following: Walking up the street with a hot Asian right in front. Turns out that they were both on their way to the station (legit!!), but before getting there, it leads down some alley. Just like in a script it’s got to be a narrow and woody one of course. Him wanting to give her a closer look, she happened to peek – just in the moment he made a swift move across the street towards the narrow alley. Sure thing, most likely this made him look like getting a move on to… Attack? Well, we’ll leave that to your imagination. Even though his intentions were practically innocent, it actually freaked her right out of her panties. Soon after it would see her picking up some considerable speed in order to get to safe ground – and all that in high heels, imagine the scene. In that sense, apart from missing out on an opportunity and feeling a bit bitter, it left him branded a Yellow Fever threat, particularly to that Asian girl. ‘Another pervert, not again’ may have been her thoughts.

Being constantly distracted:

Welcome to the ugly world of Yellow Fever. That is, if you get constantly distracted by your Asian radar detecting potential prey nearby. To others it may look like you have an extremely short attention span, but in fact it’s the Yellow Fever doing all the harm in the background. Yet again, a manic Asiaphile cannot keep his eyes off what caught his attention in the first place. If he has the balls, he’ll try to get in there, because if not, he’ll kick himself for not giving it a shot. The results vary. Some will be happy for simply having tried as a means to getting it over and done with. A successful conversion was therefore NOT the actual target.

In order to give Yellow Fever less opportunity to feed the frustration, some attempts are in fact just a means to keep the fetish under control. It’s tough though when one already chooses the words ‘being haunted’ or ‘bombarded with Asians’ to describe the situation. That is, because he spots them in an instant and depending on the levels of manic Yellow Fever at any given moment, this will have different effects. The Asiaphile doesn’t choose to pay attention – Yellow Fever makes him comply and so we hear, it can be damn annoying.

Going for pretty much anything:

It’s pretty much a given, arguably genetic, that girls make a dudes’ head move – and not just the head for that matter. However, a manic Asiaphile will look at pretty much any Asian girl that crosses his path. Even when there’s no genuine interest in the ‘subject’ under observation, the Asiaphile will still grant a look as a personal acknowledgement and/or general check-up on the level of quality. Therefore, any fairly decent looking Asian girl will almost always gain extra points for her appearance or when approached, for her character – potentially. Where many non-Asiaphiles would express their complete disinterest, the Yellow Fever riddled victim already has his Asian goggles on. Furthermore, he will get carried away with even the most average looking Asian girl, provided she has something to show for in exchange. A respectable set of bolt-ons or a somewhat sensual dress sense goes a very long way. There is no doubt that some will focus on absolute stunners only. However, an extreme Asiaphile will, given the opportunity, take a huge variety of Asian girls into consideration.

Asian goggles

Always on maximum alert – almost unwillingly.

Cutting to the chase, the real issue here is the negativity Asian Yellow Fever can cause in some Asiaphiles. How do you fix it? There surely is no one solution. Distracting yourself from everything Asian may work or finding something else that is worthy of competing with what Yellow Fever appears to offer when it hasn’t already turned ugly. Going all in and moving to Asia could prove to be a temporary fix, since you will be surrounded by everything Asian day in and day out. Who knows how things would pane out? Unfortunately, we do not yet have the resources to identify or claim, that by being away from Asian sources or in fact being right in there for a profound span of time, may have a healing effect.

One thing for sure though, simply putting it on ice won’t solve the issue of ugly Yellow Fever.

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